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At Amaia Steps Mandaue, enjoy a leisurely life as you and your kids make splash at the swimming pool, play a game at the play area, jog around the project, or simply relax at the landscaped garden. Multi-purpose hall is also there for you to celebrate life's journeys for family and friends.

Relish the life you deserve with Amaia Steps Mandaue! Built with Ayala Land's standards, you can be sure your family gets unparalleled security with a quality, comfortable home that's affordable. Enjoy and step into Amaia Steps Mandaue!

Steps, a whole bunch of amenities in its truest sense are available to make sure that your experience right within the bounds of this beautiful place is superbly extravagant.

Our Gated Entrance & Exit Gates. It is a speak-and-span entrée and an impressive place to exit. Both are gated and fully manned by fully trained & reliable security guards to ensure that cars and people coming in and going out of the community are fully documented. This is basic security to protect lives and properties of residents.

Retail Shops at the Store near the Entrance. At times, residents have immediate needs to purchase, mainly for immediate or emergency uses. These can be easily purchased from the retail and other convenient stores locate at the entrance gate.

The Kiddie Pools & the Children’s Play Area. The pool for the children is a safe water works created and designed safely for kids to enjoy. It is located right next to the adult pool. The Children’s Play Area is a fully landscaped park-like area where children can safely play. Weekends are important family days and children would mostly look up to their fun activities. With the kiddie pools and the play area, children’s weekends can be easily enjoyable. These places are secured, thus the usual security issues when children are on their own becomes moot.

Adult Pool, Landscaped Garden, Multi-Purpose Hall, Courtyard, Jogging Path and other facilities. Amaia steps have all these adult amenities and facilities to allow a healthy lifestyle, to foster friendship among immediate neighbors and to have some in-place venues for private affairs and family gatherings like wedding, anniversaries, birthdays and others. These amenities and resort-inspired structures to allow every resident that feeling of being a resort guest 24/7 right at the convenience of the same compound where their residence is located.

Healthy living provides a healthier life outlook. This is precisely the reason why these amenities were provided to all Amaia Steps residents. Coming home from work to a place where a welcoming garden of beautifully line Palma trees and ornamentals are soothing. It is really very nice to come home to a clean and cool environment. Nights are equally fantastic with a full view of the majestic Cebu Skyline. You get to enjoy these sites with your family from the very windows of your own home. Truly, with these priceless sights and sounds, you’ll wake up fully re-charged and focused on what to do. That means you get a better chance to at your best at work because you are left with very little worries regarding the security of your family especially the children.

At Amaia Steps in Mandaue City, Cebu, you are stepping into a brighter and a safer future for your families. Interested to avail all of these? Not a problem at all. Simply smash that Live CHAT button below so we can assist you best.

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